Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Completed Basil in a blue tweed. This is the first time I have frogged an entire sweater to make another one, but I figure if I like knitting something the first time, it will be just as much fun the second! Posted by Hello

I wanted to wear a new sweater!

Basil from the Rowan Summer Tweed Collection (page 24) is now finished. This yarn started its life as "Hunter" (page 19) which is finished, wore a couple of times and decided I didn't like the loose, boxy fit. Since I really do like the yarn and the color, I figured I should make another sweater with it. So I studied the drawings of the sweater shapes carefully and then selected Basil since it has a more shaped at the waist fit. The sweater is very simple to knit and the Rowan Summer Tweed seems to become softer and more comfortable to wear after washing.

Closeup of the sleeve shows the rolled edge and the nice colors in the Summer Tweed yarn. Posted by Hello

Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Here I am, giddy smile and all Posted by Hello

First much to say?

Welcome to my knitting blog. I have to wonder why I am starting this project. I already have more WIPs or planned knitting projects than I can possibly finish; so when will I have time to write about knitting also? But I do need a place to keep some records of my projects, both successes and failures, so here goes. Also I love to read knitting blogs, so I hope someday to become proficient enough at this blogging thing to entertain others!

For now, here are my WIP:
1) Aura, from the Rowan Calmer book. I am using Calmer in a lovely coral/pink color
2) Wave and fan shawl using Trendsetter Dune. The color is a mixture of purple, gold, blues, autumn colors, with a metallic gold thread
3) Ladder scarves, which a loath making but all my friends adore getting as presents.

Watch for future updates including photos, once I learn how to post them.