Tuesday, September 07, 2004

First post...so much to say?

Welcome to my knitting blog. I have to wonder why I am starting this project. I already have more WIPs or planned knitting projects than I can possibly finish; so when will I have time to write about knitting also? But I do need a place to keep some records of my projects, both successes and failures, so here goes. Also I love to read knitting blogs, so I hope someday to become proficient enough at this blogging thing to entertain others!

For now, here are my WIP:
1) Aura, from the Rowan Calmer book. I am using Calmer in a lovely coral/pink color
2) Wave and fan shawl using Trendsetter Dune. The color is a mixture of purple, gold, blues, autumn colors, with a metallic gold thread
3) Ladder scarves, which a loath making but all my friends adore getting as presents.

Watch for future updates including photos, once I learn how to post them.


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