Thursday, October 07, 2004

"Air" apparent and other projects

"Air", the sweater I am knitting in Rowan Calmer, is progressing nicely. I have finished the front, back, and two sleeves. What's left? Well the collar and pocket flaps, of course!

I also completed knitting on the Booga Bag, in Kureyon. This really is a fun project so far. It is easy to knit and fun to see the stripes of color develop. Despite my teenaged daughter's comment that the bag is really ugly, I am undaunted. I like it and recommend this project to less experienced knitters who want to progress beyond scarves.

Next step for the bag is felting, which I hope to find time to do this weekend. One concern I have about the felting process is that I have a front loading clothes washer, so I can't stop it in the middle of a cycle very easily. I'm not clear on how long it takes to felt an item even though I have read several articles about it. So in my typical fashion, I have decided to just plunge in and try it! So watch for further updates to see whether my reckless approach works.

Watch for pictures soon!


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